Jakub Spitzer

slovak based #WebDesigner, #Freelancer, #UI, #UX lover and Apple enthusiast.
My engine is #GTD, coffee and intuitive flow.

I create an environment of web and user interface design for various clients all around the world, also web templates for markets and freebies for #fun and #education.


You can find me here

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Also you can contact me via e-mail or phone (CZ)+420 604 360 173 and we can start to work on your famous project.

Information and languages

Jakub Spitzer
Šimáčkova 137, 628 00 Brno, Czech republic
IČ(ID): 01872745, VAT: CZ683311930, Czech Republic.
ŽL vydal Magistrár města Brna, Č.j.: MMB/0245661/2013, Sp. značka: ZU/MMB/0245526/2013 dne 1.7.2013.
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